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Leia M. Johnson

Rachel met Leia in Charleston, SC while she and her family were stationed at the Airforce base. They both had preschool aged children and would sit back and chat about mom life, while their kids would break boards and say out loud, “the best self-defense is to not be there, SIR!” at the karate studio. When Leia moved, the world wide web kept us connected through her blog and facebook. When she launched her booked SISTER, A young girl experiences both the joy and grief of building a family through fostering and adoption. Rachel immediately jumped on her launch team and learned very quickly how much work goes into launching a book. When Rachel pitched the idea about MWMB months later, Leia looped Rachel and Carly in with her publisher, Katie Otey from Phoenix Media & Books and they both said, “this sounds like a no brainer, this could enhance author visits and spark sensory memories!” 

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