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About Us

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Meet Carly and Rachel. They're a fantastic team!

The dynamic duo, known as the official Wiggle Worms, Carly and Rachel, are at the heart of Move With Me Books. This extraordinary team brings a positive and holistic perspective to story time, utilizing their neurodivergent brains to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for learners who may find it challenging to sit still. Rachel, a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and Carly, who embraces ADHD as a superpower, leverage their differences to craft an extraordinary journey for the wiggle worm learners. 

Team Members

Rachel Glowacki


Mindful Movement Educator


Public Relations 

Carly Finke



Project Management

Rachel Glowacki is a mindful movement educator, writer, and thought leader in the kids' yoga field. She specializes in mindful movement for all ages and abilities and has taught since 1999. She’s an award-winning author of the Kids Yogaverse storybook apps. Rachel hopes that one day, educators will teach mindful movement regularly in schools  just like math and science! She believes that a calm brain is a learning brain, and a healthy body is a happy body, principles she shares with her students, young and old. Rachel lives with her husband and two sons in Eagle, CO.

Carly Finke is a photographer, videographer, and website designer who captures adventure and the beauty and calmness in nature. She is in her “happy place” when she is snowboarding. Carly creates awe and wonder in everything she does. Her images take viewers from the backcountry to rivers. Her soothing mural graces the hallway in the Surgery Center at Vail Health and elicits feelings of ease and optimism. Carly lives with her cat and lover in Vail, CO.

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